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Stein Lighting
Dorset culture

    Mianyang Xinya Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the city of science and technology -- China Technology Park in Mianyang City, is a professional engaged in energy-saving lighting, electrical products R & D, production,sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. At present main products are: LED fluorescent lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED stent, LED lamps, LED lamps and other indoor and outdoorproducts, but also can provide indoor and outdoor lighting engineeringsolutions; Electrotechnical products mainly include: high-grade wall switch,socket series of products. Products in full compliance with the EU RoHS(environmental) standard, and has passed CE certification and 3C, CQC quality certification. Mianyang Xinya Technology Co., strong technical force,the main technical backbone, management has the world famous lighting and electrical enterprises for many years work experience. The researchunit long-term cooperation in the domestic and Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, Southwest University of Science and Technology,southwest application magnetism research, while in the foreign service, with Germany, Italy, American experts, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries have carried out technical exchanges and cooperation.


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