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Stein Lighting
Service concept

◇ service objectives:
Company to product line as the core, formed to consulting, implementation, training, after sale support and two development and other diversified service operating system.
◇ service strategy:
The establishment of an effective service system, create excellent brand actuarial software service.
Change the current service situation, the service by cost center gradually transformed into profit
Profit center, to seek long-term products for the company in the aspects of service value and market driven
◇ service tenet:
The soul and core service tenet is actually work, it is to guide our whole team behavior of the program, for our future work and has far-reaching significance to implement. As an occupation service team, we will always remember, the customer is our God, have customer resources, is the wealth of the company. To provide quality services to customers, is to provide security protection for the wealth, is our duty. We need to guide our behavior with the program of the occupation and standardization.
Therefore, the following service tenet to guide our daily service behavior.
Service tenet: service to users.
Service policy: sincere, efficient, fast, thoughtful.
Objective: service provides the convenience for application, create value for management.
Service slogan: the truth around customer, service on the side.

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