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· Energy saving and environmental protection has become the trend in the development of green lighting win support among the people

    LED lighting is the inevitable trend of development of lighting industry, is now fully in the research and development, LED products production and marketing. Green lighting is the lighting design science, using environmental protection, high efficiency, long service life, safety and performance and stability of electrical lighting products, improve living conditions and to improve the quality of people, learning, work, thereby creating an efficient, comfortable, safe, economical, useful life and working environment.

    Compared with the traditional incandescent lamp LED lighting products, has great advantages of energy saving, green, environmental protection, can be said to be the most valuable green lighting energy consumption, from speaking, in the same brightness, the LED lamp power consumption is only 1/10 of the incandescent lamp; the lifetime of speaking, 30 times LED lamp life can to achieve the incandescent lamp and LED lamp, green environmental protection, do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances. The LED fluorescent lamp Mianyang Xinya Technology Co., independent research and development, LED bulb lamp, LED panel lights and other indoor lighting products are energy-saving effect of about 80%.

    As the leader of the green lighting China lighting industry, Mianyang Xinya Technology Co., although the company has just started, but will always adhere to the "green, innovation, professional, close service" spirit of the brand, through the design, the green lighting product development, with innovative lighting technology to manufacturing lighting products industry leading.

    A series of exhibition this year Mianyang Xinya Technology Co. Ltd. will participate in "the promotion of green lighting, advocate low carbon life, promote energy saving and emission reduction" echoes the theme, the exhibition company's lighting products are green products mainly include LED, LED fluorescent lamp, LED bulb lamp, LED lamp, the lighting products is a new generation of LED lighting products Mianyang Xinya Technology Co., the company make full use of the advantage of R & D internationalization.

    At present, with low carbon, environmental protection, green idea in our country more and more win support among the people, and the lighting industry to LED product development and promotion of the strengthening, the application of LED lighting products have been more and more widely. Including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, meet the eye everywhere, the application of LED lighting technology. LED green lighting has become the preferred lighting technology national event, city landscape engineering.

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