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· White LED into the golden period of development represent the general trend to replace the traditional light source

     While emerging markets to follow up, white LED component replacement and related industrial chain update, will make the global LED industry truly entered the "golden age". In people's daily life, white is the most common and the most common light source. So, the white LED is expected to become the largest market for a cake and much manufacturers favor.

     Compared with 5 years ago, the white LED lighting is more and more into the lighting applications. The rapid development of semiconductor devices and related core support technology, rapidly improve the white light LED chip in the various indicators, white LED light effect, color, color temperature and the power of a single LED and LED module of the luminous flux and other parameters continuously made new breakthroughs, white LED devices to replace the traditional light source future in the industry researchers view has gradually clear.

     White LED into the golden period of development represent the general trend to replace the traditional light source

Technological progress is the fundamental driving force for the future. The seminar, Philips LED lighting system and control the global division senior director GeertV.d.Meer said: "by 2015, LED will reach 150 lumens per watt efficiency, will be more than a gas discharge lamp. We should let more people feel the LED lighting, with white LED as the representative of the high-tech products directly to replace the traditional light source will become represent the general trend."

     owever, the complexity of light-emitting principle, circuit, control parts are different from the traditional source - for the LED system itself compared with incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp system, facing the popularization of white LED is hitherto unknown difficulties. Behind the direct replacement, a "simplified" often means developers have to pay in the original system and the integration of more effort.

     Future market development of LED might be able to use computer software industry today for reference. Ten years ago, from the motherboard, memory, and then to the machine, many manufacturers choose as far as possible the components needed for the independent production; but up to today, the professional is the number of segments of the manufacturers in the substantially reduced, trades is the stage of the overall market development scale and technology leap.

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