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· The standardization process of wall switch socket

Before liberation China electrical products mainly rely on import, and concession in Shanghai also exist, coupled with the world to switch socket is also no uniform standard, so all kinds of socket specifications, square, flat, round, Jack of different shapes, size is also different.
The early liberation of switch socket area of Shanghai city in the company by directly to manufacturers and distributors in the acquisition, but the company is a pure Business Companies, mainly according to the market demand for the procurement and distribution, there is no inspection and test function, therefore the quality assurance system is very rough.
Five three years later, Shanghai power plant are unified by the acquisition and wholesale sales, Shanghai power plant is not only a business, but also has the function of quality management of the industry, although there is no technical inspection departments, but the configuration of the specialized technical personnel under the factory tracking, products are mainly by Meitong tested in the laboratory, therefore the product standardization and quality improvement has played a larger role in promoting (then switch factory Pr big established laboratory, and PR switch factory laboratory became a central laboratory industry).
Sixty years with increasing, switch socket yield more users, product quality problems and related problems began to highlight, therefore the directives of the Central Committee led by Guangzhou electrical apparatus research to conduct research in this area. After receiving the mission Guangzhou Electrical Apparatus Research Institute in Shanghai and other manufacturers as well as the Shanghai power plant and Guangzhou power plant technical staff set up interior bakelite electric department, started interior bakelite electric products of the enterprise standard, standard setting, at the same time, Guangzhou Electrical Apparatus Research Institute in Shanghai central experiment station to establish National Interior Bakelite Product testing center. The sixty's with Chinese industrial system was further improved, many factories are more specialized division of labor, switch socket products out of many factories, production by the switch socket manufacturers specialized, switch socket manufacturers in Shanghai come to a bureau electromechanical electric company management, and later under the hand of centralized management and industrial bureau and the Bureau of civil affairs system.
In seventy held the first interior bakelite switch conference in Harbin, the plug and socket type size standards in our country and the cassette size standard after this conference. Because at that time Chinese copper resources lack, and the demand of socialist construction volume is very large, considering the copper material is saved, the plug and socket type standards set for flat plug and socket type, then by Guangzhou Institute of electric science led, specifically responsible for the people of Guangzhou Institute of electric science and Zhao Weikun, it is a pity that there are two oblate socket on the plug and socket system for the later, left many hidden dangers, not only the design of bad treatment, quality is difficult to guarantee, safety is also poor, but also a waste of copper. Also in the guiding ideology of saving copper material, pull switch has been popularized, the meter is installed in the room height, on the ceiling lamp, in order to save line, directly with the line from the meter to the lamp, so the switch can only install the HISTEP high, to be controlled by a pull rope to. Although the material, but pull switch structure is complex, difficult to control the quality of the installation, and inconvenient, especially the pull rope easily broken, bad repair is not convenient, and the appearance is not beautiful, so when the people's living standards improve gradually eliminated.
Since seventy years ago the world to switch socket is also no uniform standard, therefore, in the use of trade caused a lot of inconvenience, 1966 International Electric Committee proposed a unified standard initiative, France is a founding, but because the switch socket using a longer history, especially the plug in the socket if uniform standards in many countries will cause huge economic loss, so many great opposition, resistance. Chapters devoted to the study of the plug in the socket of International Electric Committee decided in 1970 1972, held its first meeting in Athens in 1974, held its second meeting in Milan, because after several rounds of consultations, and to reconcile the plug and socket type size, so most countries, begin to build the switch socket aspects of IEC standard. Our country is in the seventy or eighty's also gradually formulate relevant national standard switch socket, including "GB10979-89 household and similar electrical lighting switch", "GB2099 -1980 single-phase, three-phase plug and socket technology," GB1002-1980 "household and similar electrical plugs and sockets types, basic parameters and dimensions", "household and similar electrical three-phase GB1003-1980 plug and socket types, basic parameters and dimensions".
In eighty countries and further requirements of the national standard as soon as possible with the world advanced standard aligned, then Guangzhou Electrical Apparatus Research Institute according to the standard of IEC to the switch coordinate was revised. The "GB10979-89 household and similar electrical lighting switch" switch "is first part of GB16915.1-1997 household and similar fixed electrical installations: General requirements" alternative ", followed by first GB16915.1-2003 switches for household and similar fixed electrical equipment: General requirements" alternative, but added "switch second parts GB16915.2-2003 home and similar fixed electrical installations: Particular requirements section first: electronic switch" and "switch second parts GB16915.3-2003 household and similar fixed electrical installations: Particular requirements section second: remote control switches (RCS)"; "GB2099 -1980 single-phase, three-phase plug and socket technology conditions were" GB2099.1-1996 "household and similar use plug and socket - Part 1: General requirements" alternative ", while new home and GB2099.2-1997 class

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