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· The main parameters of the switch

Rated voltage:
The optimal voltage rated voltage is applicable to electrical long time at work. Popular speaking, electrical work (such as a light bulb in normal light, the normal operation of the motor voltage at both ends of the value.). High easy to burn out, low does not work properly (bulb is not normal, the motor is not normal operation). Refer to the switch safety the allowable voltage in normal operation, the voltage across the switch is greater than this value, will cause between two contact spark breakdown.
Rated current:
Maximum safe current through the allowed to switch is turned on, if more than this value, the switch contact can be burnt because the current is too large.
Insulation resistance:
The conductor section switch and insulation resistance value is the most basic index, the insulation of electrical equipment and electrical wiring, insulation resistance value should be more than 100M.
Contact resistance:
The switch is in the on state, the resistance value between each pair of contacts, contact resistance of the switch is the maximum allowed value of contact resistance in several times in the switch contact. The general requirements in 0.1-0.5 Ω below this value, the smaller the better
Withstand voltage:
The minimum voltage of switch between the conductor and can bear.
Refers to the number of switch can be operated in normal working conditions. The general requirements in 5000-35000 times.

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