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· Xinya teach you understand the advantages of LED lights

Advantage, performance specification:
(a) micro consumption lighting
1 micro power: under the same power, the brightness of the LED lamp is tens of times of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp several times.
The 2 voltage to adapt to a wide range: nominal 220V lamp, the voltage of 150V or lower, the incandescent lamp into a dark red, fluorescent lamp was black, and the black, and the electronic lamp brightness is slightly decreased, the same color, or normal white.
(two) healthy lighting
1 pure white light: the same illumination, the irradiated colour the most true, is one of the most excellent light in twenty-first Century.
2 eye care function: This product is the use of DC power supply, heat very low, really no stroboscopic, because the light emitting surface is big, the eye irritation of the smallest.
3 no ultraviolet leakage: relative fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, the LED lamp because there is no leakage of the ultraviolet, the minimum to attract mosquitoes, flies, moths, bug etc..
4 on skin cooked without injury: LED lights no infrared and ultraviolet, and cooked food to the skin without side effects, such as: some women, long in the incandescent or fluorescent in incandescent or fluorescent lamp, has not seen the sun, the skin on the face is like the sun over a kind very black very rough it is very dark, very rough, is actually the ultraviolet lamp to blame.
(three) long lighting: ordinary incandescent lamp is three thousand hours, the fluorescent lamp energy saving lamp is six thousand hours, and the electronic lamp for eighty thousand to one hundred thousand hours. Common lighting luminous efficiency and lifetime of comparison principle:
1 incandescent lamp: tungsten filament heating to two thousand degrees eight hundred degrees below the light, turn dark red. The electric energy into light energy efficiency of less than 3%, the service life of three thousand hours;
2 fluorescent lamp: current ultraviolet light-emitting phosphors, stimulation, ultraviolet radiation will reveal a part. The electric energy into light energy efficiency is 10%, the life of six thousand to eight thousand hours;
3.LED lamp: LED semiconductor light-emitting, mobile lighting, cold light source, directly to the electrical energy into light energy, electric energy into light energy efficiency is 60% ~ 70%, LED lamp life of up to eighty thousand to one hundred thousand hours.

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