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newspaper [2016-04-11]
· Xinya teach you understand the advantages of LED lights [2014-01-11]
质量信用报告 [2016-03-11]
· LED-- Baidu Encyclopedia [2014-01-11]
· The standardization process of wall switch socket [2014-01-11]
· The main parameters of the switch [2014-01-11]
· In 2012 fourth session of Chengdu International LED Exhibition [2014-01-11]
· Beginning in October next year has banned the sale of incandescent lamp [2014-01-11]
· Energy saving and environmental protection has become the trend in the development of green lighting win support among the people [2014-01-11]
· White LED into the golden period of development represent the general trend to replace the traditional light source [2014-01-11]

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