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 Office lighting
Facades, parking, reception, corridors and passage areas, open the factory office, partition type offices, meeting rooms……
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 Outdoor Lighting
Architecture, urban centers, residential areas, secondary roads, roads, transport hubs, public areas, sports and entertainment...
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 School Lighting
Let's vibrant daylight into the classroom, began to use energy-efficient lighting solutions......
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 Shop Lighting
Shop windows, entrances, counters and cashier, sales floor, shelves, containers and display windows, building shopping malls, locker rooms...
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 Supermarket Lighting
Aisle, promotional goods, fruits and vegetables, fish, cheeses, meats, breads and pastries, wine, freezers, freezers...
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 Hotel lighting
Facade, front desk and lobby, bar, restaurant and lounge, corridors, rooms and suites, a gym, conference and meeting area, parking lot...
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 Medical Lighting
Diagnostic rooms, wards, waiting rooms, corridors and passages, entrance and shops, parking lots and outdoor areas, facade...
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 Entertainment Lighting
Concert lighting, theater, film / television, theme parks, museums, cinemas, DJ / Club...
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 Home lighting
Living room, bathroom, home office, outdoor...

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 Industrial Lighting
Parking and outdoor areas, offices, warehouses, production areas (low ceiling), the production area (high ceiling), HACCP area, control room...
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 Automotive Lighting
Cars, motorcycles, trucks...

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Agriculture Lighting
Greenhouse production, plant tissue culture, multi-production, plant factories, scientific research institutions……...

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